Video conferencing and seminar service

Trial and create your own live video meeting or training. Invite other participants by providing a link to the room. To use the service regularly, you must subscribe to a PRO or Business account.

Get started

Create account and video room
Share video room link
Present presentation or screen
Record meetings
Good audio/video quality
Simple and suitable for live trainings, seminars or lectures
Works right in the browser
Works best in Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers
Without installation
No need to install additional programs or register
The language is initially determined by the visitor\'s browser

Main features

Permanent video room links
Recording Management
Participant access control
Company user management
Chat and breakout rooms
Participant polls and reports
Multi user whiteboard for presentations

Seller account plans

  • Basic
  • 무료
  • 5GB cloud storage
  • 월간 무제한 볼륨
  • 특정 사용자와의 비공개 공유
  • Receive files
  • 사용자 정의 가능한 콘텐츠 페이지
  • RAW에서 JPG로 변환
  • Convert videos to MP4
  • Convert docs to PDF

  • 찬성
  • $6,90 /달마다
  • 더 빠른 속도와 보호
  • No ads
  • 2TB cloud storage
  • 20GB 파일 크기
  • 30일 삭제 취소
  • Password protection
  • Access control
  • Unlimited p2p data traffic
  • Online Document Editing

  • 사업
  • $19 /달마다
    + VAT
  • 모든 Pro 기능 및 2TB
  • Transfer up to 200GB
  • 4명의 사용자 포함
  • 파일 버전 자동 저장
  • 180 day file recovery
  • 2FA and other security settings
  • File Sync and Automation
  • Business tech support


from $99/mo

E-signing, document management and templates, external and internal user group management, enhanced security of data exchange.

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