Content takedown requests

This service observes the local law. If you have any complaint about the user content published on this service, please read this information as well as Questions and service usage Terms, then submit the content takedown Application, described below via Contactform.

Any person who submits content removal application ("Application") is obliged to make sure that it is correct, the content is understandable, readable and comprehensive.

The application must contain all of the following information:

  1. Full name of applicant, personal identification number, position, organization.
  2. Contact information: Phone, E-mail and Address.
  3. Links to the problematic content and at least one reference url, where the content is linked - accessible to the general public.
  4. Description of the problem - what exactly it violates.
  5. In case of copyright infringement, you should provide a document confirming your copyright on the content, or that you are authorized to represent this copyright.
  6. Written confirmation that you are taking to cover any losses to the service and / or the user who shares content, if the application is unjustified
Your application will be considered as a guarantee, that you are accepting claims by users of this content removal. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible (a few days), but it can take longer. ONLY FULLY FILLED APPLICATIONS WILL BE PROCESSED. And only if it will be clear that applicant has checked the file contents. Submit your application here